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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

The Challenge

We need engineers!
Look around you, almost everything you see has been designed and made by engineers.
We provide unique STEM opportunities and activities to our Cadets, from work experience and visits to aeronautical engineering establishments to local activities to design and make aeronautical related items.
Our links with local industry provide hands on experiences for our Cadets, irrespective of their future career, offering their experience and expertise. 


Our STEM work shows Cadets the practical application of science, technology, engineering and maths in a way that brings the subjects to life.
Cadets can experience engineering in a number of areas, from design to production and evaluation, guided by Staff with extensive industrial experience.
This brings academic work in school and elsewhere into focus, providing inspiration for future careers.
We are exceptionally proud of our Cadets who follow engineering careers when they leave us, be it in the services or elsewhere. 

The RAF is a highly technical service with more than 50% of its workforce comprised of engineers and engineer technicians. Using our network of over 500 RAF STEM Ambassadors we are committed to informing, inspiring and enabling young people to study STEM subjects and understand the breadth of opportunities available to them in STEM related careers. This work is distinct from recruitment and is free at the point of delivery. Our aspiration is to assist in the delivery of a future talent pool with the right skills and motivation that is reflective of the society we serve.

The RAF Youth and STEM Team run a national program of STEM engagement that includes In School STEM Days (including live and online activities), Multi Activity Days, Competitions, Residential Courses and the development of downloadable learning resources.

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